Aux Dog Theatre - The Sleeper

The Sleeper

AUG 31 - SEP 16, 2012
by Catherine Butterfield
Directed by joann danella



Taunya Crilly, Michael Girlamo, Stephen Zamora,

Kelle Senye Peter Alden and Jill Stacey

Presenting Catherine Butterfield's (right) The Sleeper, winner of the 2004 Kaufman & Hart Award for "Best New American Comedy". The playwright is also the winner of the George E. Oppenheimer/Newsday Award for "Best New Play" (Joined at the Head), the Kennedy Center-American Express Award for "Outstanding Promise as a Playwright," and the Davie Award for "Best New Play in Regional Theatre" (Life in the Trees). Joined at the Head was nominated for a Drama Desk award for "Outstanding New Play." Her television writing/producing credits include The Ghost Whisperer, Party of Five, Fame LA and Grimm.

With overtones of a psychological thriller, The Sleeper is a zany comedy that explores relationships in post-9/11 America. After a chance meeting with a charming stranger, a California housewife finds herself embroiled in a series of cover-ups that turn her life upside down. Can she trust her husband, a workaholic corporate exec leveraging an IPO in a sinking economy, or her sister, an aging sexpot actress still waiting for her big break, or her unorthodox therapist or her son's mysterious new math tutor? Who is the sleeper? Who is the terrorist in her midst?


Veteran actors Taunya Crilly and Michael Girlamo team up once again to provide audiences with superb interpretations of contemporary characters, Gretchen and Matthew in The Sleeper.

Gretchen is a suburban mom living a safe if uninspired American life: shopping for the kids, attending anthrax classes and yearning for something more. Then she meets Matthew who teaches math and foreign languages, including Arabic. He also has a strong anti-American streak, but it's too late, the affair is in full bloom.

"The world is spinning out of control and all I can do is sit here and rub lotion on my hands." -Gretchen

Stephen Zamora and Kelle Senye as Gretchen's husband and sister provide fascinating interpretations of their characters. Stephen plays a Wall Street type leveraging his company for its IPO and Kelle is an oversexed actress looking for her big break.

Jill Stacey and Peter Alden round out this outstanding ensemble in multiple roles.


"In this, her first full-length play (Joined at the Head) to be presented in New York, Butterfield is revealed as a playwright with a refreshing talent for probing the reality of relationships. In a manner related to that of Tom Stoppard and John Guare, the work deals enticingly with truth and fiction... a vibrant reflection on life and art." -Mel Gussow, New York Times, November 19, 1992, "When an Old Friendship Is More Than It Seems"


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