Aux Dog Theatre - Recent Tragic Events

Recent Tragic Events

Sep 2-25, 2011
by Craig Wright
directed by Victoria Liberatori

Recent Tragic Events is a serious and surprisingly funny examination of one woman’s struggle to cope with the Trade Center attacks on September 11th. This play is a reflection on the chances of tragedy and survival. In the face of potential horror, we strain to find intimacy, and question our free will in the face of determinism.

It is September 12, 2001 in Minneapolis and Waverly prepares for a blind date, absent-mindedly watching television in the background. When her date arrives, the two begin to discuss the recent events and are joined by friends and neighbors to huddle around the T.V. Soon, Waverly reveals that her twin sister, who is in New York, has not been heard from since the attacks and everyone waits anxiously to know if she is safe.


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